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John Nicholson The Actor's Bio:

John Nicholson the actor is a native of New York City. 

His personal quote is " You might not know me now, but a little bit of time is going to  change all that".

What's not well known about John,  is that prior to moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time,  John spent over 14 years as a senior retail security executive. Having worked for companies such as Bloomingdales, TJ MAXX and Circuit City. In 2003 while living in Atlanta, John went on an audition on a dare from a friend. When he landed the lead role in the play, John found himself fully bitten by the acting bug. 

In 2006 at the urging of his mother, John quit his job and moved to Los Angeles to pursure his dream of acting.

John began studying with famed method acting teacher Eric Morris. John and Eric developed a close bond, and John continued to study with Eric for 7 years. While not as popular as it once was, and often misunderstood, John found himself drawn to method actings realism and use of personal experiences to fulfil character obligations.

Sadly in 2009 John's mother passed away after a brief battle with cancer. After his mothers death, John went through a period of deep soul searching, and seriously considerted quitting acting a few times. John ultimatley decided he could best honor his mother by continuing to follow his dream of acting.

John has appeared in various roles on shows like the daytime soap drama's  All My Children and General Hospital, as well as lead roles in independent films lThe Lookout and No Need to Take Me Home.

In 2016 , John landed his first network televsion series lead role, playing legendary homicide detective Rod Demery in the critically acclaimed television series Murder Chose Me.

Murder chose me was a suprise tv hit and has been renewed for season 2, which begins shooting in August 2017

John Nicholson the actor also signed with reknowned Los Angeles and NYC talent agency 90210 Talent.  His agent is Theo Ceasar, head partner at the agency. So also recently signed with well known talent manager Eileen O' Farrell, with key memebers is place John is looking forward to an exciting 2018.

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Basketball, Working out, Traveling, . Wine Tasting, the beach.